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    It all starts out with wondering what's in your water. Then the question becomes, ''Who's on your water?'' Hopefully it's us. Because at Vermont Water Inc., we are committed to making it easier and more convenient for you to make smart, educated decisions about the quality of your drinking and working water, and how to correct it if necessary.

    Our Water Quality Association Certified Water Specialists offer unmatched experience treating all types of water conditions, from ''chemical free'' iron removal, hard water softening and ''salt-free'' conditioning systems, to UV disinfection, reverse osmosis systems and ''whole house'' or ''under the sink'' water filtration.

    Request a water test, and we can advise you on how to get your water tested, what you should test for, and help you interpret the results. We can even do the sampling.

    We have built a reputation for quality and excellence over many years of service to our loyal customers. So whether it's ''rotten egg'' sulfur odor or ''green stains'' from low pH, corrosive water, we can offer you sound advice and help you get the right system for your needs.

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