• Insurance

  • Through our partnership with other Vermont Chambers and VACEplus, we offer excellent health, dental and vision insurance at discounted prices.

  • Health Insurance with Blue Cross/Blue Shield


    • Concise Plans – we are offering three plans that are straight-forward and easy to understand. These plans have been negotiated with BlueCross/BlueShield just for us.
    • Savings – the plans are equal to or less in cost than comparable plans with BC/BS. Plans 1 & 2 are 6-8% less and Plan 3 is 0-2.5 % less in cost, depending on your coverage options.
    • More Value – the VACEplus plans offer better value for the money than the comparable plans in all cases, especially with the inclusion of stacked deductibles.

    Read about the VACEplus plans and see comparisons with other BC/BS plans


    • Be a Vermont Business
    • Have 1-100 employees
    • Be a member in good standing with your local Chamber of Commerce
    • Have a worker’s compensation plan in place
    • Offer only VACEplus health plans to employees

    Read more about the details and advantages of the VACEplus plans

    You can receive assistance to assess your insurance needs by contacting a local insurance broker. Their assistance will cost you nothing but will guarantee that you get the answers you need to make the right choice for your business.

  • Dental Insurance with Delta Dental


    • Member-only group rates for groups as small as one
    • No employer contribution required
    • Choice of plan options
    • Delta Dental provides the most extensive dental networks available
    • Health through Oral Wellness® (HOW) program helps keep members healthy
    • Double-Up Max included with the Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier plan
    • Vision Discount Program is free and automatically included with discounts up to 35% through EyeMed

    Plan 1 - Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier
    Plan 2 - Delta Dental PPO

  • Vision Insurance with VSP

    As a member, you'll receive access to care from great eye doctors, quality eyewear, and the affordability you deserve, all at the lowest out-of-pocket costs. Learn More

    You'll like what you see with VSP:

    • Value and Savings. You'll enjoy more value and the lowest out-of-pocket costs.
    • High Quality Vision Care. You’ll get the best care from a VSP network doctor, including a WellVision Exam®—the most comprehensive exam designed to detect eye and health conditions.
    • Choice of Providers. The decision is yours to make—choose a VSP network doctor, a participating retail chain, or any out-of-network provider.
    • Great Eyewear. It’s easy to find the perfect frame at a price that fits your budget.


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