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  • Nestled in the gently rolling countryside of farms and woodlands with the Green Mountains to the east and the Adirondacks to the west, Addison County is rich in lake, pastoral and mountain beauty. History comes alive and each community offers glimpses of its past along with an array of social and cultural opportunities—from concerts, museums and community plays to pancake breakfasts and strawberry festivals. In springtime, wildflowers grow in profusion, making our roadsides, meadows and woodlands a welcoming garden. Nearby mountains, forests and lakes invite you to pack a picnic, enjoy swimming holes, hike the trails or camp under a sea of stars.

    Our towns and villages offer inviting parks and greens, restaurants, and friendly businesses. Golf, tennis, hiking and biking are some of our favorite pastimes in the summer; in winter, snowy mountains and fields are perfect for Alpine and Nordic skiing as well as snowshoeing. The golds and reds of autumn make our fall foliage season one of the most spectacular in the world.

    Addison County is located on the western side of Vermont bordering the southern end of Lake Champlain. Middlebury is the approximate geographical center of Addison County.

    Facts of Life:

    • Lowest elevation: 364 feet
    • Highest elevation: 4,072 feet
    • 44.1197° N, 73.1643° W
    • 808 square miles
    • 48.8 persons per square mile                             
    • 4th largest county in Vermont

    Approximate distances to reach us:

    • Burlington: 34 miles to the north
    • Rutland: 35 miles to the south
    • Boston, MA: 200 miles
    • Albany, NY: 125 miles
    • New York City: 265 miles
    • Manchester, NH: 150 miles
    • Montreal, Canada: 132 miles

    Addison County is accessible by several routes. Route 7 is the major north/south highway running the entire length of the state. Other routes coming in and out of Addison County include: 17‚ 22A‚ 23, 30‚ 116, 73, 74, 100 and 125.

  • Demographics


    2022 2020 2016 2014 2012
    Bristol 3,789 3,782 3,906 3,918 3,788
    Middlebury 9,158 8,780 8,654 8,545 8,183
    Vergennes 2,571 2,569 2,599 2,597 2,741
    All Other Towns 22,060 21,648 21,876 22,564 22,033
    Addison County 37,578 36,777 37,035 37,624 36,745


    Number of Households




    Median Household Income




    Age Distribution

            18 and under

            19 - 64

            65 and over







    Education (25 and older)

            High school graduate/some college

            College graduate





    United States Census Bureau
    Quickfacts Addison County, Vermont; United States Census Bureau, 2022 

    Climate Climate

    Vermont's climate is classified as Continental Moist. This means that summers are mild, winters are cold, and precipitation is moderate in all four seasons. The amount of snow Vermont receives ranges from around 60 inches in the lower elevations to 120 inches per year in the southern Green Mountains. In the spring, melting snow and rain can cause rivers and streams to overflow, resulting in floods and "mud season." Summer is a pleasant season in Vermont with very few days reaching above 90 degrees F. However, quickly moving thunderstorms can bring damaging hail, wind, and rain. Fall in Vermont is considered by many people to be the most beautiful season, as the hills and valleys turn red and gold. Most Vermonters have heard about Indian summer, a warming trend of dry, moderate weather conditions after the first frost.



    Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
    Avg. Temp (F) 18.5 22 31 45 56 65.5 70.5 68.5 60.5 48 38.5 26 46
    Avg. High (F) 27 31 40 55 67 76 81 79 70 57 46 33 55
    Avg. Low (F) 10 13 22 35 45 55 60 58 51 39 31 19 37
    Avg. Precip. (in) 2.06 1.76 2.22 2.82 3.45 3.69 4.16 3.91 3.64 3.60 3.13 2.38 36.82
    Avg. Snow (in) 21 16 16 5 0 0 0 0 0 0 5 18 81

     Climate Vermont - Burlington: US Climate Data, 2022

    Housing Housing

    A variety of housing options are available in Addison County. Throughout the county, in both bustling downtowns and quiet rural communities, you can find apartments, retirement communities, single family homes, and more.


    Fair Market Rent

    Studio $842
    1 Bedroom $947
    2 Bedroom $1,192
    3 Bedroom $1,549
    4 Bedroom $1,601


    Median Home Price


    County Median Home Prices and Monthly Mortgage Payment, 2023

    Fair Market Rent: HUD User 2023

    Healthcare Healthcare

    Addison County is fortunate to have access to high quality health care. UVM Health Network - Porter Medical Center is centrally located in Middlebury and Fletcher Allen Health Care in Burlington (affiliated with the University of Vermont) is within an hour’s drive.

    UVM Health Network - Porter Medical Center is a fully accredited medical facility serving all of Addison County and adjoining areas of Vermont and New York State. The facility is comprised of a 25-bed acute care facility, a 105 bed skilled nursing facility which includes a memory care unit, short-term rehabilitation unit and a long-term care unit. Porter operates a network of primary care and specialty medical practices throughout Addison county and the town of Brandon, as well as an infusion center and "Porter ExpressCare". ExpressCare is a walk-in care clinic for adults and children over age 2 with minor illnesses or injuries who are unable to get an immediate appointment with their primary care doctor. 

    Mountain Community Health – Mountain Community Health services the Five Town area in Addison County, Vermont, including Bristol, Lincoln, Monkton, New Haven and Starksboro. They provide local access to broad-based services, including preventative, dental, mental, and primary health care.

    Counseling Service of Addison County - The Counseling Service of Addison County (CSAC) is a local community mental health center located in Middlebury, Vermont. They offer a wide range of professional mental health and developmental services designed to meet the needs of those seeking help. Their staff has a wide variety of expertise and are trained in developmental services, substance abuse treatment, psychiatry, psychology, mental health counseling, social work, family therapy, and child therapy. 

    Dental care, eye care, and home health and hospice care services are available throughout the county, along with privately practicing counselors that provide individual and family counseling. Residents also have their choice of chiropractic, holistic health and nutritional counseling services and many other types of health care options.

    Taxes Taxes

    Income Tax

    Single Filing Jointly
    3.35% on the first $42,150 $70,450
    6.60% between $42,150 - $75,000 $70,450 - $75,000
    6.60% between $75,000 - $102,200 $75,000 - $170,300
    7.60% between $102,200 - $213,150 $170,300 - $259,500
    8.75% above $213,150 $259,500



    Vermont Sales Tax

            Middlebury only +1% local option tax



    Rooms and Meals Tax

            Middlebury only +1% local option tax



    Alcohol Tax

            Middlebury only +1% local option tax




    Property Tax  is assessed at the municipal local level. The legislative body of the municipality sets a tax rate or rates to raise money for highways and other municipal expenses. For the purpose of education funding, all real property is classified as either homestead or non-residential. A statewide education tax is imposed on these two classes of property at different rates. The homestead education tax rate in each municipality depends upon the local per pupil spending. Both the homestead and non-residential education tax rates are adjusted by the local common level of appraisal. Contact your town clerk’s office for current tax rates. 

     Department of Taxes, 2023

    Department of Taxes: Local Option Tax, 2023

    Labor Labor

    Major Employers

    Middlebury College National Bank of Middlebury
    Collins Aerospace Bet Cha Transit
    Porter Medical Center Addison County Home, Health, & Hospice
    Counseling Service of Addison County Addison Central Supervisory Union
    Residence at Otter Creek Addison Northwest School District


    Labor Force Participation Rate 66.2% Unemployment Rate 1.3%



    Agriculture Dairy, Fruit, Wood
    Manufacturing Beer, Paper, Cheese
    Retail Art, Food, Novelties

    Addison County Economic Development Corporation, 2023

    Vermont Department of Labor, Labor Market Date by County, June 2023

    Government Government

    Municipal Government

    There are 22 towns and one city in Addison County, each with its own government. Town clerks are responsible for the record keeping of deeds, land records, notes and lines, mortgages, property transfers, voter registration, vital statistics and licenses, and can provide information on taxes, zoning, and building permits. A complete listing of contact information and office hours for each town clerk is available here.

    Vermont town meeting, essentially the town legislature, is a tradition dating back to before there was a Vermont. The first town meeting was held in Bennington in 1762, 15 years before Vermont was created. On Town Meeting Day, the first Tuesday in March, citizens across Vermont come together in their communities to discuss the business of their towns, elect local officials and vote on budgets.  For more than 200 years, Town Meeting Day, also a state holiday, has been an important political event as well as a time for neighbors to discuss the civic issues of their community, state, and nation.


    State and Federal Government

    Addison County is represented in the state legislature by nine representatives and two senators. Vermont sends two senators and one representative to the U.S. Congress. A complete listing of state and federal representatives is available here.

    Education Education

    Vermont is known nationwide for its accomplishments in setting and assessing high academic standards for its public schools. Addison County is also home to multiple higher education institutions, and for the adult learner‚ there are numerous opportunities and resources available through cooperative efforts established by education and business.


    Public School Student Enrollment

     Addison Central Supervisory Union


    Bridport Central School

    Cornwall Elementary School

    Mary Hogan School

    Middlebury Union Middle School

    Middlebury Union High School

    Ripton Elementary School

    Salisbury Community School

    Shoreham Elementary School

    Weybridge Elementary School


     Addison Northwest School District


    Addison Central School

    Early Education Program

    Ferrisburgh Central School

    Vergennes Union Elementary School

    Vergennes Union Middle/High School


     Addison Rutland Supervisory Union


    Orwell Village School  

     Mount Abraham Unified School District


    Early Education

    Bristol Elementary School

    Mount Abraham Union Middle/High School

    Lincoln Community School

    Monkton Central School

    Beeman Elementary School

    Robinson Elementary School


     Rutland Northeast Supervisory Union


    Neshobe School

    Otter Valley Union School

    Leicester Central School

    Whiting Elementary School


     State of Vermont Agency of Education: School Report, Enrollment Report, 2022

    High School Completion Rates

    Middlebury Union High School 84.4%
    Mount Abraham Union High School (Bristol) 87.7%
    Vergennes Union High School 96.2%

    State of Vermont Agency of Education: School Report, 2021

    Adult Learning

    Vermont Adult Learning

    Vermont Adult Learning provides basic literacy and math instruction, high school diploma and GED completion and English Language Learning (ELL) classes.


    Higher Education

    Addison County residents have access to many higher educational institutions. The University of Vermont, Champlain College, Saint Michael’s College, Burlington College, Castleton State College, and Vermont Technical College are within close proximity to Addison County. Middlebury College and Community College of Vermont are both located within the county.

    Middlebury College

    Since its founding in 1800 Middlebury has developed from “the town’s college” into an institution of international renown. In addition to undergraduate and graduate degree programs it hosts the summer Language Schools and the respected Bread Loaf School of English and Writers’ Conference.

    Community College of Vermont

    The Community College of Vermont (CCV) was founded in 1970 and merged with the Vermont State College system in 1972. Over the years, CCV has received national recognition for its innovative programs and its unique way of bringing college learning to residents of Vermont. Today, CCV serves approximately 7,000 students per semester, making its enrollment the second largest of any college in the state.

    Northlands Job Corps

    Job Corps is a no-cost education and career technical training program administered by the U.S. Department of Labor that helps young people ages 16-24 improve the quality of their lives.