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    Kangen Vermont is based in Middlebury, VT sharing true health and promoting sustainability by sharing the health benefits of Kangen water locally. Created by Enagic, Kangen is delicious water created from Enagic's revolutionary water Electrolysis Technology. Using sophisticated ionization techniques, an Enagic machine converts ordinary tap water, all with various pH balances for a wealth of positive benefits.

    From drinking to cooking and cleaning, Kangen water can change how you use - and view - water forever.

    The Five Water Types produced by Enagic water ionizer

    *Strong Kangen Water (pH 11.5)*
    A powerful cleaner and emulsifier! Eliminates pesticides and dirt from fresh produce, remove tough stains from clothes, and clean every surface in your home or business.

    *Kangen Water (pH 8.5, 9.0, 9.5)*
    Alkaline water helps to optimize health for your body, and is a perfect source for pure, refreshing hydration. This water type also contains valuable minerals for your body.

    *Clean Water (pH 7.0)*
    Balanced perfectly for optimal benefits, this water is free of chlorine and other impurities found in ordinary tap water.

    *Acidic Water (pH 6.0)*
    A terrific astringent, this water can be used for daily beauty care, serving as a face wash, skin care supplement, and hair rinse for better results than ordinary tap water. Also great for cleaning produce.

    *Strong Acidic Water (pH 2.5)*
    Highly useful to sanitize your home/business and keep it clean and safe. The 2.5pH is a non-toxic cleaning agent that can kill bacteria in seconds. Hospitals and restaurants use this water to sanitize their equipments and working places.

    How will you choose to hydrate your family and care for your household or your customers?
    You can make a conscious decision to avoid acidic tap and bottled water that may have unknown, unpleasant surprises. You can rid your home of chemicals and keep your family safer and healthier with one incredible machine.

    Change your health and lifestyle forever with pure, healthy alkaline water.

    To learn more about Kangen Water and its amazing benefits please visit our website at www.kangenvermont.com
    or send an email to jasmindoty@gmail.com and schedule a Live product demonstration for FREE!


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