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    About Us

    When we reach out a hand to one, we influence the condition of all.

    We all win when a child succeeds in school, when families are financially stable and when people have good health.

    These results/changes have benefits that ripple out to the community as a whole. United Way of Addison County is working to advance the common good by seeking solutions to the immediate needs of our community members. We do this while looking forward to a vision of our community 10 years from now. Our long-range goal is to create lasting changes that prevent problems from starting in the first place.

    Lasting Changes

    - Our goal is to create long-lasting changes by addressing the underlying causes of problems.
    - We don?t just address the symptoms of a problem. We go deeper to get at the underlying causes.

    Live United

    Living united means being a part of the change.

    - It takes everyone in the community working together to create a brighter future.
    - Together, we can accomplish more than any single group can on its own.
    - Give. Advocate. Volunteer. LIVE UNITED.

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