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    California Paints have been a tradition in New England since the 1950s. And, no, they are not made in California! California began as a stucco company on the west coast in 1929. As they grew and moved eastward, they discovered that stucco needed an additional coating in order to withstand the environmental challenges of the northeast. And so the paint division was born. Eventually the paint division was so successful that the stucco division dissolved. Now California Paints is manufactured in a state of the art facility in Andover, Massachusetts (that gets LEED points!). They are also the largest producer of tennis court paint in the world!

    California Paint is tested every year, along with most leading brands, by Consumer Reports and has been rated #1 in the exterior category for nine years in a row. And with large color samples, 10'' x 13'', you can be assured of making good color decisions and painting your house with the very best!

    The newest addition to our paint family is Mythic Paint. Mythic is a true zero VOC and zero toxin paint with virtually no odor...The perfect choice for your home, a hospital or nursing home or school settings. Many companies have entered this market over the last few years with limited results. Many contractors would refuse to use low VOC paint or would charge extra to apply it. Mythic has added beeswax to its formulation to increase the drying time which leads to a seamless finish. They have also added milk proteins to aid in coverage and durability. Now the contractors are saying WOW! Imagine painting in winter...with the windows closed...and no odor! Large color samples, a full line of colors and the ability to create any companies' colors make MYTHIC the best option for any project!

    We are open Monday through Friday 7:30AM (for the contractors) 'til 5:30PM and Saturday from 8:00AM 'til 1:00PM. If that doesn't meet your needs, call us for an appointment. We can make it work!


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