• Champlain Valley Farmer Coalition Inc.


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    About Us

    The Champlain Valley Farmer Coalition is a group of farmers in the Lake Champlain Basin who have taken a leadership role to show that farm economic resiliency and a clean lake can work together. Our organization contains farmers from all walks of life - Dairy, Beef, Grain, and Vegetable production.

    The Champlain Valley Farmer Coalition provides its members with: -Assistance in implementing innovative farming practices like cover cropping, reduced tillage, crop rotation, and grazing management -“First in line” and member discounts on UVM Extension No-Till Grain Drills and Aeration Tillage machines -Networking and farm tours with fellow farmers -Proactively educating the public about farming -Speaking to the Legislature about farming Become a member and help us work towards a clean Lake Champlain and thriving agriculture in Vermont