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    About Us

    The Acorn Energy Co-op is a member owned business serving the residents of the 23 towns of Addison County, Vermont, as well as nearby towns in Rutland and Chittenden Counties.

    The Co-op, which emerged from our umbrella organization, the Addison County Relocalization Network (ACORN), was founded in June 2008 to help transition area communities from their near total dependence on fossil fuels to a greater reliance on affordable renewable energy strategies.

    As the Co-op has grown, these programs have expanded to include biomass heat, solar PV, and community solar electricity initiatives, as well as other heating, energy and efficiency products and services.

    Membership in the Acorn Energy Co-op has many benefits, including competitively priced residential solar PV systems, as well as bulk pellet home delivery. Members also receive discounts from numerous area business partners that offer energy products and services.


    Bulk pellet delivery is as easy as oil!
    Bulk pellet delivery in action - the driver attaches a pneumatic hose to permanent piping connected to storage containers in your basement or garage and quickly fills the containers.
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    Bulk pellets are fed into bins in the customer's basement.
    Bagged pellets can be delivered right into your garage.
    Bagged pellets are delivered in two ton allottments
    Members of Acorn Energy Co-op break ground on Acorn Energy Solar One, a community solar array located on Lucius Shaw Lane in Middlebury.
    Construction begins!
    From start to finish, construction took a little over a month.
    Acorn Energy Solar One - a 150-kW community solar array.