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  • While comfortably seated in your car or RV, or on your motorcycle, you can see the beautiful vistas the Champlain Valley offers or stop and visit artists' studios‚ museums, farm stands, and more. Take a tour in the fall, when some of the world’s most vibrant foliage turns the horizon into a sea or red and gold, or follow a wine trail and taste your way through the county.

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    Following more than 230 miles of spectacular shoreline‚ the Lake Champlain Byway network connects the region's expansive blue waters‚ working lands‚ lush forests and picturesque mountain peaks. Visit the website or view a YouTube video with an overview of the Lake Champlain Byway.



    Vermont's 10 designated byways range in length from 14 miles to more than 400 miles. An exploration can range in length from an afternoon to an entire summer. Themed itineraries are available to help jump start your Vermont byway adventure. For foodies seeking local flavors, there's Chews & Brews. Arts & Culture reveals Vermont's creative spirit, while History & Heritage shares the state's varied past. For physical pursuits from mild to wild, Outdoor Recreation serves it up. Access these itineraries for each of Vermont’s 10 designated byways and start planning your journey today. Visit VermontVacation.com for more information on Vermont's byways or view an online version of the Explore Vermont Byways brochure. 



    Download three suggested driving tours that begin and end in Middlebury‚ but they can be adapted to leave anywhere in Addison County by adjusting the starting point. During foliage season any of these tours provide spectacular vistas of the colors for which Vermont is famous.

    Fall Foliage Fall Foliage

    It's true. Some of the world's most vibrant and beautiful fall foliage can be found in the state of Vermont. There's no way to predict when the colors will peak, but typically it's between October 1st and 15th. It's all dependent on the amount of daylight, temperature fluctuations, elevation, rainfall amounts, etc.

    Download directions for suggested driving tours that vary in length from 1 hour to all day. 

    Hotel rooms in Addison County may be difficult to find during foliage season. We suggest you make your travel plans early.

    Visit VermontVacation.com and you can view a foliage forecasting map and sign up for a weekly foliage report via email. You'll also find ideas on what to do and special packages around the state. 

    Wine Trails Wine Trails

    Lake Champlain’s deep waters create a micro-climate favorable for growing grapes, apples, and other fruit. The long growing season allows high quality fruits to mature, ensuring that Vermont-grown fruit will make the highest quality wine. 

    Vermont's vineyards, wineries and cideries are producing internationally award-winning wines with cold hardy grapes grown locally such as Frontenac, Lacrescent, and St. Croix, as well as from more traditional varieties like Riesling. Our unique climate is also excellent for beekeeping, apples and berries, and our meads, ciders, and fruit wines reflect that. And don’t forget our ice wines, which are made from grapes that freeze on the vines. Vermont wineries are among the handful of producers of this specialty dessert wine in the entire country.

    Vermont's Lake Champlain Coast Wine Trail is one of three driving routes that make up the International Champlain Valley Wine Trail. The other two partners are the Adirondack Coast Wine Trail located on the New York side of Lake Champlain and La Route de Vins in Quebec, Canada.

    And, please, drive safely!

    Complement your wine tastings with other great Vermont-made products such as Vermont Cheeses and Vermont Breweries.

    Check out other places along the Lake Champlain Byway where you can eat, drink, and sample!

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