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    VtSBDC provides no-cost, confidential business advising and low-cost training services to all small businesses and new ventures in Vermont. Our business advisors are highly trained, experienced business people committed, as individuals and as a team, to working with you. Our training programs are offered on-line and in-person and cover a wide range of topics important to your business?s success. Our motto: You can be in business for yourself ? but you don?t have to be in business by yourself. We are here to support you and your business at every stage.


    As an established business, your needs can be met by VtSBDC in a variety of ways:

    No-Cost Confidential Advising
    Financial Analysis tools
    Strategic Assessment

    1. No-Cost Confidential Advising
    All businesses need tune ups; have growth opportunities, face both positive and negative challenges. Our trained and experienced Business Advisors can assist you no matter what stage or size of business, or what your specific need. Your best first step is to Contact your local Business Advisor and make an appointment.

    2. Training
    There are training workshops for you or your staff to increase skill sets. Review our list of current trainings

    3. Financial Analysis tools
    Using VtSBDC's financial analysis software, you will be able to benchmark your business performance against industry standards. This kind of analysis affords you timely, data-driven decision making. To find out if this analysis is right for your business, talk with your Business Advisor.

    4. Strategic Assessments
    Through a comprehensive interview process between our Lead Assessor and your key management team, the major areas of your business are reviewed and assessed against business excellence standards. This assessment process and final report will help you chart your future course with confidence.


    Starting a business requires enthusiasm, commitment and a wide variety of skills. VtSBDC is here to help you in a variety of ways:

    The Community Business Connections' website
    The Starting Your Own Small Business Workshop
    The all-important Business Plan
    An appointment with your local Business Advisor for no cost, confidential advising.

    Additional on-line trainings
    1. The Community Business Connections' website
    Go to www.startabusinessinvermont.net first. It is your one-stop-information shop for starting a business in Vermont. It provides you with step-by-step instructions -- in easy to use checklist format-- to help you with everything from developing a business plan to obtaining financing to navigating tax requirements and regulations, and more.

    2. The Starting Your Own Small Business Workshop
    The Starting Your Own Small Business workshop is a comprehensive 3 hour introduction to the basics of starting your business. It is offered in two formats ? on-line and in person with your local Business Advisor.

    Taking this workshop is the step required before meeting individually with your business advisor for no cost, confidential one-on-one business advising.

    3. The all-important Business Plan.
    Our Business Advisors can tell you that entrepreneurs who take the time to write a business plan have greater success. It is an important and necessary step in making your dream a reality. It is also a must if you are going to be seeking financing. Using the information discussed at the workshop, along with your own research, begin writing your draft business plan and then review with it with your business advisor. Get started on your business plan by using VtSBDC's Business Plan Guidelines.

    4. An appointment with your local Business Advisor for no cost, confidential advising

    5. Training
    There are a variety of training workshops aimed specifically at start-up skill sets. These classes are offered on-line and at no cost.