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    About Us

    Vermont Public is independent, community-supported media, serving Vermont with trusted, relevant and essential information. We share stories that bring people together.

    We produce independent, local, award-winning news, music and programming that connect our audiences with issues, ideas and each other. We provide access to trusted content from NPR, PBS, and other national producers. And we offer educational programs and resources for educators and families.

    Our programming and services are broadly available for free on our statewide radio and television broadcast networks, digital platforms, social media and in communities throughout our region.

    Vermont Public was created in 2021 when Vermont Public Radio and Vermont PBS merged into a unified public media organization. We are an independent, locally owned and operated community licensee, which means that our license is owned by the community, not a governmental agency. Our primary source of funding — more than half — comes from more than 40,000 members making donations in all amounts.

    If you’re new to Vermont Public, welcome! You can engage with our work in many different ways. Whether you listen live, read online, are a newsletter subscriber or a podcast listener — we're here for you.