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    Rainbow Pediatrics was founded in 1991 by Jack Mayer MD FAAP to provide comprehensive pediatric primary care. Our goal is to provide the best Medical Home for children in Addison County by using the best of our flexibility and independence coordinated with technology and evidence based practices. We strive to provide complete pediatric services, including without losing the personal touch of a hometown doctor’s office. We also collaborate with many area specialists coordinate referrals to them.

    We believe that healthy emotional and physical development is based in emphasizing the value of good nutrition, education and exercise. Working with you and your child, we can help to build a strong foundation for his or her future. With each visit, we work with our patients and their families so that they become increasingly knowledgeable about their health and their development in order to participate more fully in their own health maintenance and medical care as they mature into adulthood.

    We believe in maintaining a caring and personalized environment for your child. Our four Board-Certified providers, as well as our well-trained clinical and billing staff, all adhere to the goal of making your child’s visit a comfortable, caring experience.

    As part of our preventive philosophy, we also advocate the use of childhood vaccines, and will spend whatever time necessary to help you reach comfort with your decision to proceed with this important intervention.