• Hedgehog + Fox Collaborative, LLC



    About Us

    My name is Sarah Audet, and I was once the Executive Director of a small but mighty nonprofit in Vermont. As the only staff member, I wore many hats. I was whatever my organization needed me to be. Relationship-builder. Storyteller. Motivator. Strategic thinker. Development officer. Data entry specialist. Problem solver. All in 20 hours per week, or less.

    What can I do for you?

    I help nonprofit organizations and their leaders, both staff and board alike, get the word out, get the right people on the bus, and get moving in the right (and same) direction. In plain terms, that means communications, board development, and strategic planning.

    You see, my own passion for making the world a better place is matched by my passions for writing and organizational leadership. I love helping nonprofits to tell their stories, and to find and cultivate strong leaders. This way, you and your organization can focus more on doing what you do best: delivering life-changing programs to your community.

    What does that help even look like?

    Well, it looks like…

    - Developing a comprehensive communications plan specific to your organization’s audience, mission, and capacity. A plan that can be sustainably executed by your existing staff, even if communications aren’t their “thing.”

    - Finding ways to gather and tell stories that vividly illustrate how your organization and its people enrich your community.

    - Designing a board matrix/composition that is ideal for your organization’s unique vision, needs, and values.

    - Going out into the community to handpick the leaders who will passionately and effectively move your organization to the next level.

    - And, once you get the right people on the bus, getting them to stay on the bus!