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    About Us

    The Patricia A. Hannaford Career Center is the technical center for Addison County students. Our mission is to provide high quality technical, workplace and continuing educational opportunities for high school-aged students and adults. We offer ten career and technical (CTE) programs and eight pre-tech/foundational programs (listed below). We also have evening adult education programs.

    Day CTE programs:
    Addison Repertory Theater
    Automotive Technology
    Culinary Arts
    Design & Illustration
    Diesel Power Technology
    Forestry & Natural Resources
    Human Services
    Medical Professions
    STEM 210/211 Architecture & Engineering Design
    STEM 220/221 Green Building & Renewable Energy
    STEM 230/231 CNC Programming, Welding, & Metal Fabrication
    Sustainable Agriculture

    Pre-Tech/Foundational Programs:
    Mechanical Science
    Plant & Animal Science
    Intro to Natural Resources
    STEM 100 Introduction to STEM
    STEM 101 Innovation of STEM
    STEM 110/111 Foundations of Engineering/Architecture I and II
    Visual Communications

    Video Media