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Hiking Resources

Addison County has many great areas in which to hike. Below are brief descriptions and links to get more information.

  • Green Mountain National Forest—The Green Mountain National Forest's diverse landscapes range from the rugged exposed heights of the Green Mountains to quiet secluded hollows in the Wilderness. The Forest was established in 1932 after uncontrolled logging fire and flooding ravaged the state of Vermont. Today the Green Mountain National Forest has grown - tract by tract - to more than 400,000 acres that stretch across nearly two-thirds the length of Vermont.
  • Long Trail—Portions of Vermont's Long Trail go through and can be accessed by side trails in Addison County.
  • Moosalamoo Area—Explore Moosalamoo's cliffs, mountain lakes, streams, diversity of plants and animals. Retrace footsteps of its first inhabitants and early settlers. Experience bird watching, heritage exploring, berry picking, hiking, skiing, biking, camping. Area located between Rte. 125 and Rte. 73 within the Green Mountain National Forest.
  • Trail Around Middlebury (TAM)—A 16-mile footpath, encircles the town of Middlebury, Vemont and links several hundred acres of town land, conserved properties, schools and other local landmarks.
  • Vermont Outdoor Guide Association (VOGA)A statewide association of outdoor professionals and services.