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Bristol Harvest Festival

  Saturday, September 26, 2015

10 am to 4 pm
Bristol Town Green

Here's the line up of the day's live music:

10 am: Lynda & Jack Malzac and Friends
11 am: North End Honeys
12 pm: The Harvest Fest Band
1 pm: Better Things
2 pm: Simply Acoustic
3 pm: Short Notice

This year's Tour de Farms will be held in conjunction with Bristol Harvest Festival. More details here

Come back to Bristol on Sunday, September 27 for the Better L8 Than Never Car Show!

Organized by the Addison County Chamber of Commerce and the Bristol Recreation Department

Information: 802-388-7951 x100 or 802-453-5885


A few changes for 2015's event:

  • All spaces measure 10 x 10'. We supply the space on the grass; you supply table, tent, etc.
  • SOLD OUT! Booths #35-43 along the sidewalk are considered premium booths and are $10 extra than a standard booth.
  • EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION CLOSED! Register early. Early bird discount ($10 off) through 4/15/15.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO vehicles are permitted on the green AT ANY TIME--this includes loading/unloading. Park Street (rear of green) will be closed to traffic and is reserved for any vendor (food OR product) who has a truck or trailer.
  • Light poles have been installed along the sidewalk. Your booth may move slightly to accommodate the new lighting.
  • There is no difference in price if you register online vs. a paper registration form.  
  • There is no additional charge for electricity. 
  • If you need a paper registration form, email Sue Hoxie or call 802-388-7951.

Here is a link to the booth layout map.

Here is a link to the secure online registration form.