• Vermont Legislative Update 2023: Week 15

    If you read last week’s update, you might have felt it was a little slim. You’re not wrong, last week was a week where the committees were heads down, sifting through testimony and many different iterations of potential legislation provided by staff. This week, the image of the final iterations of some legislation started to take shape, potentially. That final caveat of “potentially” is there because while there are four to five weeks to go, a lot can happen, and there is a lot of distance to close between the House, Senate, and Governor. 

    This week set up a few contentious conference committees between the House and the Senate. It also certainly set up a few showdowns between the Democratic supermajority and the Governor who, again this month, ranks as the most popular Governor in America

    In this week’s update:

    This update is courtesy of the Lake Champlain Chamber for distribution by Downs Rachlin Martin