• Vermont Legislative Update 2023: Week 10

    Legislators were back in Montpelier this week after their weeklong recess for Town Meeting. It’s crossover week, meaning legislation needs to be out of the committee of jurisdiction by the end of today, or the legislation is done for the session… at least, that’s how it is supposed to be. Crossover has never been a hard and fast deadline, despite whatever leadership says. There are some ways around it; a committee can seek a waiver from the rules committee, legislators or a committee can add a piece of legislation that didn’t make crossover as an amendment to a piece of legislation that did make the deadline, and more.

    That said, crossover allows a brief relief for those working on legislation, as it narrows the scope. The downside of crossover is that legislation that has not received enough testimony, scrutiny, or attention might move because it is a political priority despite it not being ready for primetime. 

    In this week’s update:

    This update is courtesy of the Lake Champlain Chamber for distribution by Downs Rachlin Martin