• The Addison County Chamber Sees Flurry of New Members

    The Addison County Chamber Sees Flurry of New Members

    Middlebury, Vermont – January 25, 2019 –The Addison County Chamber of Commerce welcomes eighteen new members in less than three months.
    The Addison County Chamber has been a flurry of activity with a surge of new members at the end of 2018 (see full list below). This surge is due in part to the ability to offer special health insurance plans to its members through VACEplus.
    About a third of recent new members are taking advantage of this great benefit, a return to an offering which the Addison County Chamber and its counterparts throughout the state use to offer regularly before the Affordable Care Act was instituted in 2010.
    However, many businesses are joining not for the health insurance, but for the many other benefits available to members of the Chamber including:

    • Employee Education – hosting monthly seminars on a variety of business topics

    • Community Events – drawing customers to the area through festivals, specialty events and sponsorships.

    • Tourism – ACCOC’s Visitor’s Center provides information directing tourists and locals to area businesses, non-profits, historical sites, and the vast natural resources of our county.

    • Business Advocacy – providing legislative updates, sponsoring legislative breakfasts, and hosting legislative candidate forums.

    • Marketing – with over 50,000 website visitors annually, ACCOC provides members with a strong presence in search, promotes members through twice-monthly newsletters, and offers other discounted advertising opportunities.

    • Networking – helping organizations connect through monthly mixers, seminars and referrals.

    • Insurance – providing access to excellent plans for health, dental and vision insurance.

    • Community – member’s dues go to work supporting our community through the Chamber’s participation in workforce development, support of local non-profits, and partnerships with other area organizations on local projects to strengthen the economic health of the county.

    Recent Organizations Joining the Chamber Include:
    Holy Cow
    A. Ginsburg Architects
    Acorn Painting
    Soaring Through Light
    Friend Construction
    Murray & Masterson Environmental Services
    Town of Ferrisburgh
    Travel Associates
    Connor Mill-Built Homes
    Lanpher Builds and Books
    Texture Salon
    Vermont Compliance Monitoring
    Blue Leaf business Services
    Vermont Brew Arena Football
    Maple Run Marketing
    MarinJa Knits
    Cornwall Orchards B&B
    Tractor Supply Company

    Rob Carter, president of the Addison County Chamber, in response to the recent surge in membership, stated “We are grateful for all of the organizations that have joined us recently, and as has been our focus over the past year, we are working hard to provide support to all of our members to help with their success in the coming years. We also anticipate continued growth in Chamber membership as businesses and non-profits look for our assistance to rise above the marketing noise, and to find and keep good employees, to assure their own growth and success.”
    About Addison County Chamber of Commerce

    The Addison County Chamber of Commerce (ACCOC) is an association of individuals representing business interest, working together to promote commercial businesses, non-profit organizations, and tourism in Addison County. To learn more about membership in the Addison County Chamber you can call 802-388-7951 or go to www.addisoncounty.com/membership.