• Addison County Chamber of Commerce Recovery Resources

    As businesses and nonprofits work toward a return to the full functioning of their organizations, you may find a need for various resources to help with the restarting or reimagining of your business. The Addison County Chamber offers several essential resources for our members, plus we have developed a few more to help you along the way to recovery.

    Addison County Chamber Consultants Directory
    We have brought together in one document our members that offer business resources and/or consulting services. Whether you need funding assistance, legal advice, marketing help or other support, open up this directory to find just what you need.

    Addison County Chamber Seminars and Webinars
    Over the past two years we have been video recording our seminars for reference by our members. We now have the full list collected in one location on our website just for members. You can access the videos by logging into your account on our website and going to our Member Information Center (MIC). The videos are accessible under Resources.

    Regular Member Benefits
    As a reminder, you have several benefits available that will be especially helpful in this time of rebuilding. You can also see your full list of benefits in our Membership area, under your member level.

    1. Member to Member Arealist your offer here to encourage other members to use your services.
    2. Community Coupons – you can also set up a community-facing coupon which anyone can use.
    3. Newsletter for Updates – are you re-opening or offering new services? Get the word out by sending us your news. And if you want to place an ad or sponsor the newsletter, see our Promotional Guide below.
    4. Marketing Consulting – Our Executive Director, Rob Carter, has 30+ years of marketing experience and is available to talk marketing with you in the coming months. He can review your website, talk about website optimization, and look at the potential of Google Profile and Google adwords. Email Rob to schedule a meeting.

    Promotional Opportunities Guide
    This guide includes several additional advertising opportunities offered through the Addison County Chamber. See the full Promotional Guide.

    1. Addison County Guide – this guide is published annually and distributed throughout Addison County, at State Visitor’s Centers and to incoming Middlebury College freshman.
    2. Website Ads – we offer various banner ad spaces on our site for members and non-members.
    3. E-Newsletters – we offer both ads and sponsorships in our two monthly newsletters.
    4. Membership Mailing Labels – members can mail to our membership list once per year, and costs are based on level of membership.
    5. Tourism and Relocation Packages – we send out packages every month to those planning to visit and considering moving to our area. Your materials can be included in these packages with costs based on your level of membership.
    6. Sponsorship Program – We offer many opportunities to sponsor events that we host, including mixers, seminars and community festivals.

    Middlebury Sign/Banner Program
    The Addison County Chamber administers the Main Street banner and Sidewalk Sign program. During construction only the sidewalk signs are available, but they provide four key locations along Main Street (from the Town Office to the Post Office) to display your promotions. See our guidelines.