• The text says 10 Day $35 K Giveaway! The text is ivory on a dark red-brown background, surrounded by red and orange leaves.
  • Shop downtown in Bristol, Middlebury, and Vergennes for your chance to win $$$ at the register! 

    That’s right: we’re giving away a grand total of $35,000 in local currency to lots of random shoppers, just like you, November 5-14. Spend your winnings at retail and dining locations throughout the three towns, wherever local currency is accepted.  

    How does it work? On random days and times during the 10-day period, downtown retail shops in all three towns will be handing out envelopes to shoppers completing purchases at the register. Each envelope will contain Bristol Bucks, Vergennes Green, and Middlebury Money in an assortment of denominations. Winners can then use this money to spend at retail and dining locations that accept local currency.

    View/Download the full list of Addison County businesses that accept local currency.

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  • The Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development’s Restart Vermont Regional Marketing and Stimulus Grant Program

    The program is intended to support organizations implementing campaigns and initiatives that will increase consumer spending, support local businesses, and advance community recovery efforts in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.